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Pups We've Helped


Cedric Diggory

This adorable beagle puppy was unfortunately hospitalized due to severe abuse and subsequent head trauma and other injuries. He was hospitalized at Watsontown Animal Emergency Center during the nights and at Griffin Pond Animal Shelter during the days. Aside from vision issues, he made a recovery and was able to be adopted! 💖🐾

*If you suspect animal abuse, please contact your local humane society police officer or local police station.

Always speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves.*


Evie had her leg amputated due to a cancer diagnosis.
At the time of her amputation, she was 1 year old.
Watson's Wish Foundation helped Evie's owner with the
financial burden that comes with situations like these.
Evie is doing well and enjoying life! 💖🐾



Photo Courtesy of: Eberle Images

At the young age of 4 months, Simba (a Labrador puppy) needed heart surgery in order to save her life. Unfortunately without it, she wasn't expected to make it to 1 year old. Watson's Wish Foundation raised funds to help pay for her heart surgery. 💖🐾


Lily came to Watsontown Animal Emergency Center in Pennsylvania as a 13 week old puppy with severe trauma to her eye. Without surgery, Lily would have been euthanized. Watson's Wish Foundation assisted in costs for her eye removal surgery. Because of the generous donations we receive, Lily's life was saved. 💖🐾



Chia was unfortunately attacked which resulted in trauma to her jaw. In order to eat and function properly, she needed jaw surgery. Watson's Wish Foundation was able to assist with payment of the extensive and expensive jaw surgery Chia required.


Sheba got loose from her owner for a day and he found her the next day with severe injuries, presumably from being hit by a car. We were able to assist in payment to get her the treatment she needed for injuries and an infection. She is living her best puppy life now. 💖🐾



At the young age of 9 months, Barkley (a Bernese Mountain Dog) got a severe intestinal blockage that needed immediate surgery. Fortunately, Watson's Wish Foundation was able to save Barkley's life because of generous donations from people like you. Barkley is on the road to recovery now. 💖🐾


Sophia was playing with her puppy friend and ended up breaking a bone. She needed a splint. Without it she wouldn't be able to function properly. She would deal with chronic pain and possible future fractures. We assisted in payment for a splint and now sweet Sophia is able to live a happy and healthy life. 💖🐾

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